900 Penn lives within one of Denver’s oldest historic neighborhoods, proudly standing just blocks from the Governor’s mansion while simultaneously standing blocks from neighborhoods that are currently reemerging after some years of neglect.
 This alley house is a sophisticated urban retreat tucked into one of Denver’s hottest neighborhoods on an obscure, previously forgotten alley lot that others dismissed as unbuildable. The space is designed to provide an investment-savvy professional with a warm and comfortable space in the city and showcase his prized auto collection.
 Project was a collaboration with Lake Flato Architects.  Photography by Frank Ooms.
 SLOAN’S LAKE REMODEL  This 1960’s ranch-style dwelling, on a prominent corner lot, was transformed into a contemporary home with lake and mountain views. The large courtyard and open floor plan provide a unique indoor / outdoor living experience, exploiting the house’s impressive western views from a generous two-story open atrium and dining room.
Harris Residence